Premium Lighted Dog Collar
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USB/Solar Rechargeable - USB Cable Included for Charging. Nylon Collar has snap latch and can be used as their full time collar, very durable.

Charging can be mixed - Requires 2-3 hours for Full USB Charge / 6-8 Hours of Direct Sunlight for Full Solar Charge

8-10 Hours Per Charge (I use on our nightly walks and only charge once a month! full brightness.)



Extra Small 6-11" x 1/2" (solid light coverage - entire neck)

Small 8-14" x 3/4" (solid light coverage - entire neck)

Small/Medium 12-17" x 1" (7" solid lighting)

Medium/Large 15-20" x 1" (10" solid lighting)

Large/Extra Large 18-21" x 1" (10" solid lighting)

Extra Large 20-24" x 1" (9" solid lighting)

**Nice feature about this collar  has slide operation switch on side of battery compartment!! Wont get turned on by mistake or when dog rolls** I have this style on my "roller" - Mollie!


Lighted Collar -Solar/USB (Nylon Style)

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