Lighted Collar-BIG DOG
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Collar has Replaceable CR2032 Batteries that last approximately 50-60 hours USB OPTION standard phone charger is used & included ($5 extra) Snap Latch, Easy push button switch on battery compartment operates Steady or Flash Settings! 

PLEASE NOTE: We add extra fiber to extend light length and the end may be less vibrant - this is not a defect, the battery can only push light so far. We are the only company that adds this extra portion of light!

(Collar and Light are same color - Exception / "Rainbow" color lights are on a black collar with center webbing to expose lighting - special request can be made at checkout!)

 Lightweight Nylon Collar - Adjustable 20" - 34" Length x 1" Width (15" of Lighting Coverage) - Can use as a Belt for Yourself or Kids!!

*If you need a Heavy Duty Collar (with buckle latch) of same size or larger - Cllick on "Button PVC" Style on Product Pages*


This new product is NOT REFLECTIVE, sorry - hope to get those again soon!


Lighted Collar-BIG DOG

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